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The New Earth (ExhibitionsFeatured)


A group show entitled The New Earth at Public Works Gallery in Wicker Park, Chicago. The first exhibition to showcase our Catalog for the Post-Human series of works on paper- a collection of new collages, depicting wearable technologies, that developed from the design process behind the Catalog for the Post-Human project. The show’s rationale is that the artists’ involved are “fearlessly confronting the future” and that the show will “act as a testing ground for addressing the preeminent issues of a changing planet.”

Full curatorial statement below:

The Earth is changing. Quickly. Should we be afraid? Or can we embrace the changes and challenges and boldly look ahead? Can we build a new, better life on this planet? Introducing The New Earth, a group exhibition that imagines a future on a rapidly changing planet. An of-the-moment event traversing environmental, gender, identity, and technological concerns, the exhibition is a testing ground for addressing the preeminent issues of our time. Artists in The New Earth are fearlessly confronting the future. From climate change to artificial intelligence, the response to these issues will shape our relationship to our histories, our future, ourselves, and our planet. What will The New Earth look like? Let’s find out.

A limited edition T-shirt designed for Public Work’s 2022 group exhibition features image contributions from our Hed-Tek collage drawing is available for sale at Public Works Gallery.