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Multispecies Inc – Works on paper (FeaturedWorks)


Amidst the backdrop of diminishing biodiversity and the looming specter of climate change, our connections with the environment and non-human species can seem so enigmatic that they challenge our capacity to depict them. In the face of this, we became fascinated with the artistic strategy of the tableaux in which scenes of life are depicted by arranging figures for picturesque or dramatic effect. We started a series of new pencil drawings depicting scenes from our ongoing climate fiction Multispecies Inc. Our tableaux capture interactions among individuals, non-human life forms, objects and systems, as a means to speculate on the potential redefinition of interspecies relations.

The first three drawings as featured above from top to bottom:

The Redwoods Fog Distributor (2023)
The Nomadic Fog Collector (2023)
The Algae Kin-Gatherer (2023)