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Lander (Works)


Lander is a flat-pack, demountable table designed to make use of local metal fabrication resources. It uses simple rod and sheet metal bending processes to create a lightweight, yet strong, structure.

Acknowledging Mid-Century works by the Eames’ and Noguchi, Lander achieves strength through essential geometry and economical design. Three triangular stainless steel rod legs insert into corners of the hexagonal sheet steel top and clip to each other with welded-on clips that double as feet. The hexagonal top and triangular footprint make multiples of the table easy to tessellate to create larger surfaces. The table top comes powder coated in white, light green or light blue, the latter two being popular colors of precision machine tools such as lathes and milling machines. The table is undergoing a final stage of prototyping and is due for launch in 2019.