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Jerusalem Design Week 2022 – Catalog for the Post-Human (ExhibitionsFeaturedFutures)


The ongoing multi-part series, Catalog for the Post-Human (CftPH) on show during Jerusalem Design Week at Hansen House, Jerusalem. The work was exhibited amongst a wide range of fellow artists and designers situated in the Imagined futures, ongoing present area of the exhibition,  curated by Tal Erez and Anat Safran.

Jerusalem Design Week 2022 explores how design reacts to our addiction to measured time and our shunning of circadian time. Under the title For Now, and in its eleventh year, the show features exhibitions, installations, and events concerning “the ephemerality of design and the design of ephemerality, and asks how time can be harnessed for a positive effect in uncertain times.”

As if in a small boutique, Catalog for the Post-Human presents time- and productivity-related products from the original CftPH collection that propose ideas relating to the extremes we are expected to pursue for ultimate productivity: StressWatch™️, Sleepsnackers Armwear™, Sleepsnackers Headwear™, RemWake™️ and ClickBaitWear™️