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Eco-Fables: Tales of Multispecies Inc. (FeaturedFuturesWorks)


Eco-Fables: Tales of Multispecies Inc.  is an interactive environment that allows audiences to experience the world of Multispecies Inc. through a series of original, recorded stories, and explore its distinct visual language.  Created using Unity, these eco-fables brings the Multispecies Inc climate fiction into a virtual space for the first time.

Multispecies Inc. combines climate fiction and worldbuilding to envision a future where humans coexist harmoniously with other species using advanced AI technology, as exemplified in the virtual environment ‘Eco-Fables: Tales of Multispecies Inc.’ Continuing our process of using fictional entities as vehicles for the exploration of prescient topics, we created Multispecies Inc., an organization that makes tools for “multispecies living”.

At its core, the Multispecies Inc climate fiction aims to craft a nuanced narrative exploring a future where humans coexist harmoniously with other species using advanced AI technology. Through a series of narratives, objects, and digital collages, Multispecies Inc. serves as an artistic framework for examining the complex interactions between humans and other living beings. By employing advanced technologies and ecological stewardship, the organization endeavors to halt species extinctions and achieve ecological equilibrium on a global scale.

It utilizes worldbuilding as a creative practice to construct immersive environments, reveal intricate systems, and share thought-provoking narratives that challenge prevailing notions of human exceptionalism and our relationship with the natural world.

One of the“Eco-Fables: Tales of Multispecies Inc.” key components is the incorporation of scenes and portals that transport participants between the outposts of Multispecies Inc.

For instance, the “Phenology Diary” scene enables the viewer to experience the bioceramic Geoship dome inhabited by a member of Multispecies Inc. Through detailed descriptions and rituals, participants gain insights into the everyday practices of living in a multispecies manner, inspired by a volume of short stories created as part of this ongoing research project. These scenes are continuously evolving as more stories are integrated into the narrative-based world, enriching the immersive experience for participants.

Another integral aspect of the project is the “System Memorandum” portal, where participants encounter “The System” – Multispecies Inc.’s AI ally – issuing orders to members of the group to maintain ecological equilibrium. This structural layout is meticulously designed to mirror the organizational hierarchy of Multispecies Inc., providing participants with a deeper understanding of the tools and motivations of the group.

Through its multifaceted approach, Multispecies Inc. encourages participants to contemplate the moral dilemmas inherent in human-non-human interactions and reflect on the urgent need for a paradigm shift in our relationship with the natural world. By weaving together elements of speculative fiction, environmental science, and worldbuilding, the project fosters dialogue and critical inquiry into the complex challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. Ultimately, Multispecies Inc. serves as a creative platform for envisioning alternative futures rooted in multispecies cohabitation and ecological harmony.