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Designs for Different Futures (ExhibitionsFeaturedFutures)

VIew of the blue metal sculpture against white wall

Entrance to designs for different Futures

Tim looks into vending machine

Close up of vending machine and touchscreen


Designs for Different Futures was a tri-institutional exhibition organised by three major US art institutions – the Philadelphia Museum of Art,  the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and the Art Institute of Chicago. It opened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in October 2019 and then at the Walker Art Center in September 2020. The research catalogue that accompanied the exhibition was published by Yale University Press in 2019.  

The vending machine from the multipart ongoing project Catalog for the Post Human was a commissioned for Designs for Different Futures exhibition. Complete with digital interface, and featuring objects inspired by research into emerging impacts of AI bias, surveillance capitalism and cognitive enhancing drugs, the vending machine prompts viewers to imagine the kinds of products that future contingent workers might be encouraged to use in order to stay competitive.

The Catalog for the Post Human project is currently being extended into an installation for the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, opening May 2021.