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CHGO DSGN (Exhibitions)


In 2014 CHGO DSGN, a major exhibition of recent object and graphic design by over a hundred of the Chicago’s leading designers, was shown at Exhibit Hall in the Chicago Cultural Center. We were asked by curator Rick Valicenti to design the exhibit furniture.

As the show focused on the industriousness of Chicago’s design community and the fact that Chicago and the midwest is still a place where a lot of making goes on, it seemed appropriate to make reference to this by creating pedestals and platforms from materials in stock units prior to being processed into “things”. Hence the exhibits sat upon piles of lumber,¬†stacks of galvanized steel extrusions, sheets of polystyrene, and more.

Works from Parsons & Charlesworth also featured in the show included pieces from The MeMo Organization, American Adhoc, Pewter Splash bowl and Brushanger.