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Eco-Fables: Tales of Multispecies Inc.

Eco-Fables: Tales of Multispecies Inc. is an interactive environment that allows audiences to experience the world of Multispecies Inc. through a series of original, recorded stories, and explore its distinct visual language.  Created using Unity, these eco-fables brings the Multispecies Inc climate fiction into a virtual space for the first time. 

Multispecies Inc

Multispecies Inc. is the working title for an ongoing series of projects exploring multispecies future imaginaries that offer a glimpse into a future world of multispecies cohabitation, non-human-centric living and AI biome modeling.

Multispecies Inc – Works on paper

New pencil drawings depicting scenes from our ongoing climate fiction Multispecies Inc.

Multispecies Inc Book: Volume 1

The book features six short stories describing a future landscape where humans attempt to make kin with other species through the use of technology.

Catalog for the Post-Human – Works on Paper series

Fraxinus Mors Larva

Last Object On Earth

Catalog for the Post-Human Limited Editions

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