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Future Climate Souvenirs of New York

Future Climate Souvenirs of New York imagines 6 patches and a baseball cap from future nature reserves and ecotourist sites of New York.

Multispecies Inc at Space & Time Gallery

A new solo show at Space & Time Gallery presents a selection of works from our ongoing, multidimensional project Multispecies Inc.- a fictional organization to explore multispecies future imaginaries.

Eco-Fables: Tales of Multispecies Inc.

Eco-Fables: Tales of Multispecies Inc. is an interactive environment that allows audiences to experience the world of Multispecies Inc. through a series of original, recorded stories, and explore its distinct visual language.  Created using Unity, these eco-fables brings the Multispecies Inc climate fiction into a virtual space for the first time. 

Multispecies Inc

Multispecies Inc. is the working title for an ongoing series of projects exploring multispecies future imaginaries that offer a glimpse into a future world of multispecies cohabitation, non-human-centric living and AI biome modeling.

Algae Kin-Gatherer

The Algae Kin-Gatherer is the first sculpture from our ongoing climate fiction series Multispecies Inc.

Multispecies Inc Book: Volume 1

The book features six short stories describing a future landscape where humans attempt to make kin with other species through the use of technology.

Catalog for the Post-Human – Venice Architecture Biennale 2021

Catalog for the Post-Human opens at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, curated by Hashim Sarkis  Read More >

Catalog for the Post-Human – Works on Paper series

Jerusalem Design Week 2022 – Catalog for the Post-Human

The Whole Earth 2045 – Memories and Bodies from a Future

Supermarket of the Future – Embassy of Food 2021

Catalog for the Post-Human Infomercial

A collection of new collage drawings each depicting a speculative wearable technology, developed as part of the design process behind the Catalog for the Post-Human project.

Vending machine and six objects at the philadelphia museum of art

Designs for Different Futures

Catalog For The Post-Human – Designs for Different Futures

Tomorrow Anew

There are more viruses on the planet then there are stars in the sky. These dangerous pathogens existing on the Read More >

Materials used to create catalog for the post human

Work-In-Progress: Catalog for the Post Human – Venice Edition

Keep an eye on P and C Studio on Instagram for more sneak peeks on our work for La Biennale Di Read More >

Catalog For The Post-Human – Open Society Foundations

Border Wall Rewards

Drain The Swamp

Future Climate [Hi]stories

New Survivalism: The Rewilder

New Survivalism: The SETI Reserves Member

New Survivalism: The Object Guardian

New Survivalism: The Futurist Storyteller

New Survivalism: The Decision Maker

New Survivalism: The Biophotovoltaics Hacktivist

Eco-Visionaries: Art & Architecture After The Anthropocene

In Case of Emergency

The MeMo Organization

Citizen Evolution