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Catalog for the Post-Human – Works on Paper series (FeaturedFuturesWorks)


A collection of new collage drawings each depicting a speculative wearable technology, developed as part of the design process behind the Catalog for the Post-Human project. Catalog for the Post-Human, provokes conversations about the ethical and social dimensions of our technologically mediated futures, with particular focus on human enhancements technologies and the future of work. The project uses the creation of a fictional organization that markets technology products towards contingent workers of the near future, as a means of satirizing the absurdities of our technologically mediated present.  The new collage drawings show individuals using a variety of enhancement prosthetics as a means of coping with the ongoing escalation of an algorithmically-driven productivity-culture.

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Titles for each work top to bottom:

  • EnhancePharma Study No 1, 2022
  • SenseAura Study No.2 2022
  • SenseAura Study No.3 2022
  • Hed-Tek Study No. 1, 2020
  • MorningRitual Study No. 1, 2022
  • REMWake Study No. 1,  2022