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Border Wall Rewards (Futures)


Commissioned for Matter of Fact, a touring exhibition of time capsules custom made by filing cabinet makers Bisley in collaboration with design magazine Dirty Furniture, designers were asked to select or create what they would store for the future, that reflected our current moment. The show’s curators posited, “In today’s era of fake news and digital media, are things our most reliable storytellers?”

Continuing a series of fictional satirical political objects, we presented a set of Border Wall Rewards – solid brass desktop models based on the recently built prototypes of Donald Trump’s proposed southern border wall. The border wall prototypes have become symbolic of President Trump’s modus operandi – the promotion of fantasy over fact and the use of distraction as a political tool. Implying a scenario where the wall would have to be crowdfunded by wealthy donors due to the lack of support from Congress (not to mention the Mexican President), the trophies suggest rewards given in recognition of contributions towards building the wall.